Liquid Level Sensors

Float Switch / Liquid Level Sensors Overview

Deeter makes a range of level sensors for liquids, from units designed as pure water level sensors to water level indicators and on to a simple water level switch.

From our 20 series compact float switch to our LVCS Continuous liquid level sensor we offer a wide range of fluid level sensor solutions.

If you want a simple water level sensor, a float level switch or a custom fuel level sensor or level indicator for almost any fluid, we are keen to hear from you. Contact our sales office on tel: 01494 566 046 or send us an email.

Deeter Current Loop Indicator –
4-20mA current indicator

Datasheet       Instruction Manual

Deeter Current Loop Indicator Bargraph-
4-20mA current indicator

Datasheet       Instruction Manual

Dual Level Controllers for controlling
pumps and valves

Datasheet       Instruction Manual


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