Cyberpunky dress dispenses alcohol for those who play nice

We’re fans of Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht, who is quite fond of blending tech and fashion. Just take a look at this dress she made that paints itself. Not content to make one liquid-dispensing garment, here’s her next trick: a dress that’ll pour you a drink, as long as you play by its rules.

The dress, called “Daredroid,” combines “pneumatic technology with open-source hardware” and is something of a cybernetic performance piece. It’s outfitted with sensors so that it can detect the presence of another person, and will dispense a non-fun, non-alcoholic beverage to attract the stranger. If you want the sweet reward the dress withholds, however, you better be ready for a little “truth or dare.”

Around the wrist of the drink-dealing cyborg is a touchscreen bracelet that decides your drunken or sober fate. Play her game, get a White Russian. Balk, and you’re left with the “tepid milk” you were served. It’s up to you, but I definitely know what The Dude would do.

Check out the video and gallery down below for more of Wipprecht’s dress, which includes the 2.0 version seen above, as well as an earlier form of the dress that had more going on around the arms.

Anouk Wipprecht, via V2_, via Fastco Design, via Technabob

Additional images via V2_.

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