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/PRNewswire-Asia/ — On October 29, 2011, at the grand opening of 13th China International Public Security Expo in Shenzhen, China ANV Security Company was the first security company to introduce Global Intelligent Eye (GIE) the large-scale intelligent “cloud based” network security operating platform.

Enterprise level and cloud based security services offered by GIE on-line services will meet the needs of the country’s tens of millions of small and medium enterprises, shops, homes and all types of vehicles. A low cost access will be provided through the Internet and 3G network for real-time sensing, monitoring, alarm, scheduling, storage, video conferencing etc.

GIE uses cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Integrated use of front-end sensors such as audio and video, infrared sensors, door sensors, smoke, humidity, temperature, acceleration, toxic gas, fiber gratings, RFID, GPS sensors and multiple network transmission modes e.g. fiber optic, 3G, WI-FI, microwave, GIS, GPS to provide streaming media, storage and forward, database, will create a large-scale Internet-based intelligent security “cloud services” operating platform. Tens of millions of users fixed to the carrier such as small and medium companies, factories, warehouses, shops, chain stores, family, community, etc. and mobile carrier users such as bus rental, transportation, special transportation, law enforcement, private vehicles, inland marine, mobile man, etc. will be able to benefit from this platform.

According to China Security and Protection Industry Association survey statistics, there are more than 0.4 million nationwide chain enterprise, 0.57 million primary and secondary schools, 9.7 million private enterprises, 29.5 million individual industrial and commercial households, more than 80 million broadband households, more than 90 million cars, 8 million portable mobile users which can take advantage of this platform hence providing a great opportunity for success. A huge number of small and medium users will just pay a small amount of service fee for software to use the cost effective GIE for continuous protection, monitoring, alarm and scheduling instead of reliance on self-built platforms which have disadvantages in terms of time and cost of management follow-ups.

It is understood that this large-scale intelligent network security “cloud services” operating platform offers a significant advantage, can achieve three-dimensional perception, monitoring networks, which connect various types of front-end sensing devices with strong compatibility which in turn can be compatible with the major manufacturers. The major brands of front-end sensing devices through computers, mobile phones any where use real-time for video images, and real-time monitoring. This is done not only by telephone, text messaging, e-mail, automatic real-time alarm system but also through the intelligent alarm software for alarms, thereby significantly reducing the false alarm rate. In addition the platform also has strong safety features.

With the aim to provide security and service to our customers the role of GIE in promoting the security industry should not be overlooked. “Global Insight” will be a unified front-end of surveillance. The industry standard compliance will provide speedy video surveillance and alarm system in the SME as well as wider applications in communities families. This will speed up the development of mobile video surveillance system through effective monitoring with seamless integration of 3G technology and security surveillance system.

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